Business Loans

At Bridgecoast, we take pride in our approach to servicing your financial needs, and place the emphasis on creating business partnerships. We happily work with you to ensure that whatever loan you are seeking is approved.

At Bridgecoast we do things differently. Instead of referring you to someone you may not see more than once or who may have moved on next time you need us , we give you a dedicated person to deal with your application – including a mortgage or business specialist broker – who will be dedicated to knowing you and your business.

Our approach is also more personal and flexible. We will see you at a time that suits you. We do all the work for you in preparing your finance application from initial discussions through to settlement and beyond. So with a team that knows you and your business, it’s a whole lot easier to get the right finance from when you need it.

Laurie O'Brien
Managing Director / Finance Broker
Ph: 0419 231 975
Marie O'Brien
Accredited Mortgage Consultant
Ph: 0418 493 288