Equipment Finance For Schools and Colleges

Renting allows your school, college or organisation to acquire a wide range of goods including computers, business machines and office equipment. You can update or add more items to help keep up with the very latest technology or business needs.

If you are one of these...

  • School Principal
  • School Business Manager/Bursar
  • Faculty Head
  • Parent Financial Advisor
  • Religious Congregation Leader
  • Church Community Treasurer/Financial Adviser
  • Boarding School Director

You can... ReadyRent all of these!

  • Computers, network upgrades, cables, installation and software
  • AV equipment and telephone systems
  • Office equipment
  • Photocopiers
  • Ground maintenance equipment
  • Musical equipment
  • Air conditioners
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Cameras and video equipment
  • Transportable buildings
  • TVs, DVDs, audio equipment
  • Projection equipment
  • Cables/wireless Installation
  • TAS equipment

Release the power of your school’s funds with Bridgecoast ReadyRent

  • Don’t be burdened with outdated technology and equipment. Join the many successful schools who lease their equipment through Bridgecoast ReadyRent®
  • Give your students the technology and equipment to achieve their goals, whilst at the same time freeing up your funds for other projects.
  • Access up-to-date computer equipment and because you are not purchasing, obsolescence is never an issue.

Great benefits with Bridgecoast ReadyRent

✓ No capital outlay – better use of your school’s budget
✓ Better equipment – don’t settle for second best
✓ Convenient – one agreement means one payment
✓ Flexibility – in fact you can rent any equipment for your school!
✓ Simple ‘plain english’ documents
✓ Fast approval
✓ Remove debt level and improve your balance sheet gearing.

We make it easy for you…

✓ Flexible payment terms
✓ You can upgrade throughout the rental period
✓ Option available to purchase the equipment at the end of the rental period
✓ Use the supplier of your choice
✓ Choose the equipment yourself
✓ Leave the disposal to Bridgecoast ReadyRent with no residual or penalty
✓ No ‘STING’ in the tail at the end of the rental period and you can be sure, we’ll be with you ALL the way.

So, to acquire the latest equipment for your school, big or small – electronic whiteboards, desktop computers and laptops, cars, coaches, ground maintenance, relocatables, tractors, kitchens, audio visual, projectors, auditorium seating, fences, musical instruments, sporting equipment, furniture shelving and storage, lab equipment, photocopiers or anything else…

Laurie O'Brien
Managing Director / Finance Broker
Ph: 0419 231 975
Marie O'Brien
Accredited Mortgage Consultant
Ph: 0418 493 288